Assignar Field Pack

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The Assignar Field Pack provides you with an Integrated Management Plan to manage your OHS, Environmental and Quality requirements on site, as well as digital forms automatically uploaded to your Assignar dashboard for your convenience.

The Assignar Integrated Management Plan assists organisations with managing construction requirements including:

- Project scope and methodology
- Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities for the project
- Consultation, Communication and Participation requirements for the project
- Managing construction risks including excavation, working at heights, traffic management, electrical work, hazardous material, demolition etc
- Legal Requirements & Compliance Obligations of the project
- Managing Contractors & Suppliers
- Risk Management
- Inductions
- Plant & Equipment management

Among many more items..

Forms included that are uploaded as digital forms to your Assignar dashboards are:

- Incident Investigation Report
- Project Risk Assessment
- Site Induction Checklist
- SWMS Monitoring Records
- SWMS Review Checklist
- Site Inspection
- HSEQ Non Conformance
- Subcontractor Evaluation
- Confined Space Permit
- Working at Heights Permit
- Hot Works Permit
- Penetration & Excavation Permit

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