Our Story

DIY Compliance was founded in early 2013 by a group of professionals based in Sydney NSW, Australia with backgrounds in Quality, Safety, Environment, and Information Security Management. In what can be a time-heavy obligation for time-poor industries, our team at DIY Compliance are dedicated to removing the confusion around compliance requirements embedded in the Australian Business Landscape. 

With the goal to provide for entrepreneurial persons who are more inclined to go for do-it-yourself solutions, DIY Compliance offers go-to compliance resources that keep the costs low in comparison to traditional consulting firms.

All the material you find on this site has been developed, peer reviewed, and implemented by this group of professionals throughout many existing micro and small businesses and have been given the tick of approval.

Our Values



Here at DIY Compliance, our team of professionals value our customers and continuously aim to place their needs at the forefront of our business. In all, we...

  • are tenacious
  • act with integrity
  • are honest
  • are accountable
  • are a solid team

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