Assignar Integrated Management System

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Assignar was built for the construction industry by a team of construction industry experts.

Compliance Council have partnered with Assignar and developed an Integrated Management System compliant to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management, and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

We provide you with an Implementation Plan & Checklist to assist your organisation develop and implement the system to your organisation.

The system contains:

- Integrated Management System (Manual)
- HSEQ Policy

Procedures for:
- Documents & Record Management
- Training & Competency
- Consultation & Communication
- Internal Audit
- Risk Management
- Emergency Response & Planning
- Incident, Non-Conformance and Corrective Action 
- Procurement
- Servicing, Maintenance & Calibration
- Design & Development (if applicable)
- Tendering & Estimating
- Project Management

Forms include:

- Management Review Meeting Minutes
- Meeting Minutes
- Internal Audit Reports
- Emergency Exercise Record
- Office Induction
- Head Office Inspection & Hazard ID
- External Provider Pre-qual form
- Tender Review
- Non Conformance
- Project Debrief

Registers include:

- Document Register
- Action, Incident & Non Conformance Register
- Risk Register

The Assignar Integrated Management System also includes the Assignar Field Pack!

The Assignar Integrated Management Plan / Field Pack assists organisations with managing construction requirements including:

- Project scope and methodology
- Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities for the project
- Consultation, Communication and Participation requirements for the project
- Managing construction risks including excavation, working at heights, traffic management, electrical work, hazardous material, demolition etc
- Legal Requirements & Compliance Obligations of the project
- Managing Contractors & Suppliers
- Risk Management
- Inductions
- Plant & Equipment management

Among many more items..

Forms included that are uploaded as digital forms to your Assignar dashboards are:

- Incident Investigation Report
- Project Risk Assessment
- Site Induction Checklist
- SWMS Monitoring Records
- SWMS Review Checklist
- Site Inspection
- HSEQ Non Conformance
- Subcontractor Evaluation
- Confined Space Permit
- Working at Heights Permit
- Hot Works Permit
- Penetration & Excavation Permit

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