ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

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ISO 45001 is the first true international approach to identify the best practice protocol for organisations to manage their Occupational Health & Safety requirements. 

This management system follows a risk based approach, and will help your organisation understand how to identify risks, control them, and ensure that the controls are effective, as well as set clear communication procedures, engage your workforce in developing your management system, among many other progressive activities in OHS management.

The system provides you with all the necessary tools required to comply to ISO 45001:2018 and achieve certification.  

We pride ourselves on providing you with what you need, not just documents for the sake of documents. Our included document list is below:.

Manual & Key Documents

  • MAN_Health & Safety Management System
  • OBJ_Objectives & Targets
  • ORG_Organisation Chart
  • PLAN_Emergency
  • POL_Health & Safety


  • PROC-001_Documents & Records Management
  • PROC-002_Training & Competency
  • PROC-003_Consultation & Communication
  • PROC-004_Internal Audits
  • PROC-005_Risk Management
  • PROC-006_Emergency Response Planning & Preparation
  • PROC-007_Taking Action
  • PROC-008_Contractor Management

Forms & Checklists

  • CKL-001_New Employee Induction
  • CKL-002_Inspection
  • CKL-003_Contractor Prequalification
  • FRM-001_Management Review Meeting Minutes
  • FRM-002_Meeting Minutes
  • FRM-003_Emergency Contacts
  • FRM-004_Internal Audit Report
  • FRM-005_Incident Investigation Report
  • FRM-006_Emergency Evacuation Record
  • FRM-007_Pre-Employment Medical Examination
  • FRM-008_Monthly Management Report
  • PSTR_Injured at Work


  • REG-001_Document Control
  • REG-002_Records
  • REG-003_Action
  • REG-004_Internal Audit Schedule
  • REG-005_Legal Requirements
  • REG-006_Training & Competency
  • REG-007_Hazards
  • REG-008_Chemicals (SDS)
  • REG-009_Approved Contractors List